My '1986 Porsche 944T (951), first Porsche and still with me.

Freshly cleaned, at the May Zone 1 Concours Event.  Parked between Walter’s excellent ’86 951 and Hank’s Best in Show ’89 944.

Fresh from a Head Gasket Replacement.  I figured I would clean everything while I was in there.  Everything is factory original, just carefully cleaned and preserved. (5/06/03)

Check out the details Porsche 944 Turbo Engine Bay

15,428 Original Miles

(23,200 Now)

Color: Stone Grey Metallic (LY7U) with Black Leather, and Grey/Beige Carpeting

Options: Limited Slip Differential, Sunroof, Rear Wiper, Sport Wheel with elevated Hub, Fuchs, Headlight Washers, Power Driver Seat, Blaupunkt Upgrade (SQR23), and Electric Locking.

Aftermarket: Period installed Clifford Alarm System.

Shortly after I purchased the car, back in 1998


Concours d’Elegance

Novice Group 2000

1st in Class NNJR PCA TryAutothon (173.5 out of 175)

1st in Class NNJR PCA Annual Picnic (173.5 out of 175)

2nd in Class NNJR Rylands Inn (271 out of 275)

Novice Group Championship 2000


Veteran Group 2001

1st in Class NNJR PCA TryAutothon - (220.5 out of 225)

5th in Class 2001 Zone 1, Division 7 – 924,944,968,928 (292 out of 300)


Veteran Group 2002

1st in Class NNJR PCA TryAutothon - (223 out of 225 Tie)

3rd in Class 2002 Zone 1, Division 7 – 924,944,968,928 (291.3 out of 300)

2nd in Class NNJR's 45th Anniversary - 924,944,968,928 (223 out of 225) (Took second to the nicest 928 you will every see, and one of nicest owners to boot, Tom Ulinski)


Veteran Group 2003

2nd in Class 2003 Zone 1, Division 5 – 944 (294.5 out of 300) Behind Hank Merke’s Best of Show 944.  Truly a beautifully preserved car.  Having your Car judged at a Regional Concours Event - What to expect


Zone One Concours – 2002


Replaced the 14 Year old Dunlop D40s with Dunlop SP8000s.

Replaced the DOT fog lights with Euro Fog/Driving Lights

Brake Pad/sensors (Axxis MetalMasters)


Repairs (at home):

Cycling Valve

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fuel Pressure Damper

Ignition Wires. Cap and rotor

Throttle Switch

Run-over Valve

Motor Mounts

Windscreen Washer Hoses, and Reservoir cap

Rear Seat Belt Cover

Oxygen Sensor

Head Gasket, Nuts and Washers

All Seals, Belts and Rollers

Vacuum Lines

Late Factory Headers 

Muffler (Original looked great, but completely rotten away under the Black Tip Cover)


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