Before � Note the dull haze from corrosion

After � free or any corrosion.  Every part is original, and has the original manufacture data.  Most seem to be around April 1986, some are as early as mid 1985.



^ Heat, and age ultimately was the cause of the problem.  The rubber was completely rotted away.  Oil was soaking past the remains of the gasket into the coolant galleys. 

^ I replaced the vacuum lines with the factory parts, as they had turned hard and brittle.  I cleaned everything to like new condition, although no one but me will ever see this portion of the car.  At least I know how nice it looks.  Plus I shouldn�t need to replace them for another 17 years!  I even tracked down replacements for the broken �Omega� Clips.  No dealer carries these anymore.  Thank You Hershey

A section of the gasket near the firewall had evidence of coolant leaking into the combustion chamber.




Thirty days later.  An hour here, and hour there, and the finish product.





Every last nut, bolt, screw and washer are original (Except the Head Nuts and Washers, which must be replaced in this procedure, as per the Factory Service manual).  Carefully cleaned with a brass brush to remove the oxidation, but not the yellow dichromate finish.  V

It look much better out in the daylight here.

So far everything is running well.

Throttle Body

More then a decade old, and it still shines with its original finish.  It just needed a good cleaning.

 The hope is I don�t have to do this again for at least another decade.  It made it through 17 years the first time.


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