Project 924S

I've been wanted to have another Porsche to have fun with. A big toy.  Not a Concours level car (although it did take 1st place at Porsche Parade in Touring 924/944), but a good clean car that I could use for weekends, some Autocross, and maybe a Drivers Education Event of two. The goal is to do everything for under $5000. 

[Update 12/06] After spending a good deal more than $5K total, and having enjoyed the car for three years at Autocross and DE, and sold it to a friend. I bought a '93 Porsche 968 as it's replacement, details can be found here.  1993 Porsche 968

The car took 1st in the Hershey Porsche Parade for Touring Class, and embarrassed more than it's share of "newer, more powerful" Porsche's at both Autocross and the track then it's 147hp should have.  Great little car, and I would highly recommend one to anyone who wants to have a Porsche without selling the farm to get it.  :)

I began my search in the Summer of 2003, and was fortunate enough to fine a nice car, relatively locally (150 miles).  It was a 1987 924S, with 60K original miles, original owner, no option car (No Sunroof, No Rear Wiper, no extras).  It was mid-November when I found the car, and it was in upstate New York.  The owner had it listed on a local Want Ads site, and I found it via a Google search.  He was asked $4500, but given the desire to sell, the coming winter, and a few maintenance items the car required, I was able to take it home for $3000.  This is how looked in the Fall

The way it looked before I bought it

When I actually went to go buy the car, it was snowing.  I still drove it home, hard dry tires and all.  Overall, the car was in excellent shape, but dirty, and probably hadn't been washed/waxed in many years.  All  original though, except the Radio (it didn't come with one from the Factory), it even had the original window sticker, and service gloves.  Nice Find.  Needless to say, I couldn't leave well enough alone.  I started ordering parts, and maintenance items.  Although the original owner had not kept all the receipts for the repairs over the years, it was very apparent it was well maintained.  The water pump was new, as was the Oil Cooler (Date stamp on the housing), new Fuel lines.  Even the clutch spec'ed out to 90% of new.  It had received its 40K maintenance, but that was several years ago.  The Timing belt was loose, and worn, so I started on the real work there.  Here is the work in progress:

As it arrived, AFTER two washes.  The harsh fluorescent lights bring out the worst, as does the flash.

Lovely Dark Brown Brake Fluid, and Green Coolant.  Leak Cam Seal, and ten year old belts.  New water pump though.


Crystal Clear ATE Type 200, and proper Dexcool.  Replaced plug wires, resealed engine, and replaced/tensioned belts.


The beginnings of rust under the battery, and rotting leaves


Cleaned, treated, and repainted battery area.  Exhaust header re-gasketed, and remounted.


Interesting original plastic three-spoke wheel, and JVC aftermarket Radio/CD.  Toasted mats.

Momo Competition Wheel, and radio removed and replace with factory pocket.  Matless for now.

Fresh from its first Autocross

Hard at work

First Autocross on 4-19-2004,

First in Class, Third Overall in Novice


Needs a Limited Slip Diff or Sticker Tires!

Sticking better with the M030 Rear Bar

and a proper Autocross Alignment

Suspension Improvements


Grey, flammable snow on everything


Wet conditions, but good fun.  Front tires washing out at the limit due to lack of camber


Too much body, and tires losing contact.  Active tail is enjoyable however!

First Outing with the M030 Front Suspension.  Less roll at the limit, but more understeer.  Need the rear suspension done to balance out the car.  Harder to throttle steer.  I will like it better when the tail is "active".  Enough grip now to lift the inside tires!


Understeer everywhere at the limit.  Less body roll though.  Surprisingly better grip even in this over cooked corner.

The intent is to apply all the Concours Tricks of the Trade, and bring all the mechanics up to date.  Given the budget, everything is being purchased second-hand, or from eBay.  Thus far both have been very useful in sourcing parts at very reasonable prices. 

Upgrade log:

Open Projects:


Autocross record to date:

Place Class Group Date My Best Time FTD Porsche FTD Porsche Model Diff from Porsche FTD Course  Average Rookie    S3 Veteran Delta Notes
1st S3 Novice April 18th 51.911 43.139 996 (S9) -8.772 52.806 0.176  
1st S3 Novice May 2nd 52.901 43.029 911 (S5) -9.872 52.083 -0.818  
1st S3 Novice May 9th 53.176 43.701 911 (S5) -9.475 51.266 -1.91  
1st S3 Novice June 26th 47.435 40.389 GT3 -7.046 47.027 0.166  
1st S3 Novice July 11th 46.814 39.794 GT3 -7.02 46.53 0.284  
1st S3 Novice July 18th 57.326 50.735 GT3 -6.591      
1st S3 Novice August 8th 44.792 40.154 GT3 -4.638      
1st S3 Novice September 6th 43.399 38.496 (S11) -4.903      
1st S3 Novice Porscherama 97.76 89.644 GT3 -8.116 110.554       - 15.61!  
1st P3 Veteran November 7th 54.821 50.991 GT3 -3.83      
1st S2V Veterean May 1st 51.466 46.425 BoxsterS -5.041     Rain/Only morning run
1st S2V Veteran May 22nd 57.515 53.005 911S -4.51     Only 3 Runs
1st S2V Veteran June 11th 56.385 54.512 911S -1.873     M030 Front       12th Stock Overall
1st S2V Veteran June 19th 58.547 55.824 Boxster -2.723     8th Stock Overall
4th P3M Veteran June 26th


54.909 M914
    Parade National
1st S2V Veteran July 17th 54.496 50.837 GT3 -3.659     5th Stock Overall
1st S2V Veteran Porscherama    Saturday


92.425 BoxsterS
    14th Stock Overall
1st S2V Veteran Sunday 98.782 93.778 996TT X50
    8th Stock Overall
1st P3M Veteran Zone 1


50.634 44.924 996 -5.71      
    Sunday 46.518 43.924 996 -6.71      
1st F Veteran

M-Club 2005 Season